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Year 6

Welcome to the section of the website all about the final year of the Junior School. It’s a wonderful year to teach because the children retain a sense of wonder and joy in their world but have grown a passion for changing things and for making a positive contribution to the lives of others and to life on this planet. Through our curriculum in Year Six and through our teaching about Rights and Respect, we believe that we help the children to become ready to take their place as Global Citizens and to be ready as individuals for the next step in their personal lives, namely the transfer from Primary to Secondary school.

Year Six children started their Maths learning for the year by exploring the Fibonacci sequence.They learned where the sequence can be observed in the natural world and how we can represent it using concrete resources, diagrams and algebra.

The children have also been exploring their Maths targets for the term and making choices about where they will use “Deliberate Practice” to learn new ideas. See the link below:

Yr6 Fibonacci

Year Six Homework Letter – 21st September 2018

Dear Year Six

Welcome to your first Homework Letter of the year! Each week, we write something to you letting you know what you need to do for your Homework, reflecting upon the week and giving you hints about the week to come. Don’t tell your adults but it’s also for them so that they know exactly what you need to do and can help you to be successful.

You have all made an absolutely FAB-U-LOUS start to Year Six. We have had so many nice comments about your good manners, respectful attitude and kindness from other adults in the school and it’s lovely to know that we can be very proud of you.

Next week you have your trip to Basingstoke. Can you remember to thank parents who have volunteered to help (we know not everyone can but all help makes a huge difference)? We know that you will show the people in town the beautiful behaviour that we see in school.

Your learning next week will be looking at different Angles in Maths (Do you remember what ROARS means?), how Parliament works in your English and PHSEE time, more of the sketching skills in Art and the start of French. We will start the Guided Reading learning around the book “Cogheart”. IF you are able to get hold of a copy (paper or tablet) and start reading, it will help you considerably as we work through the story.

Grammar Spelling Bug – “Silent Letters” learning and practice. This should not take you terribly long and you can split it over a few days. The website will remember where you stop each time and it will tell us how brilliantly you are doing.

Spelling Shed – There is a list ready for you to practise and play. This should take around 15 mins each day. If you have a personal list from Mrs Nash then you will see that as well as the main list. It will be great if you do both.

Maths – Times Tables practice using Times Table Rockstars

Reading – 15 mins reading and discussing with an adult at least three times a week and then reading by yourself the other four days. As I said above, if you are able to read “Cogheart” then it will help you in class but any reading will make a difference.

That should keep you busy and enjoying your learning. Remember that you can also use for any DELIBERATE PRACTICE if there are things you want to improve upon or gain more confidence with before we look at them in class.

Have a super weekend and enjoy the Autumn sunshine – if we get any!

Mr Roberts, Mrs Becousee, Miss Green and Mrs Nash