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Hanmore Road,

CHINEHAM, Hampshire. RG24 8PQ

08:40 - 15:30

Monday to Friday

Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Page

The Year 5 team feel very fortunate to work alongside such wonderful children.

Employing the school’s Learning Powers on a daily basis ensures that every learning opportunity is seized upon by the cohort We all believe that we are bumble bees.


Look at our fantastic reading journals, completed in our Guided Reading

Following our trip to Folly Farm we were asked to enter a competition by the Country Trust. The judges awarded Year 5 Highly Commended here are their comments –


Four Lanes Community Junior School

Year 5 pupils had visited Folly Farm and used the day as a springboard to further their knowledge about bread. They had split into groups and gone into great depth, linking the bread theme to the Egyptians, baked bread in school to link to the science curriculum (reversible and irreversible reactions), explored the process of milling, researched bread-making around the world, explored the cycle of wheat growing and the machines used, and identified bread as a carbohydrate, linking it to healthy eating. They had also used their knowledge from the day to further their Space to Grow Project at school and to kept up the momentum on their composting scheme at school. All of the children questioned were able to confidently answer questions without prompting. The Judges admired the school’s use of the visit to enhance all areas of the national curriculum and the high standard of work on display.

Well done Year 5

Countryside Education Competition 2018

Last term the Planetarium came to visit as part of our science unit on Earth and Space. Below is a picture of the day along with our subsequent learning.