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Hanmore Road,

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Monday to Friday

Assessing Children’s Learning

Assessment lies at the heart of the process of promoting children’s learning.  It provides a framework within which educational objectives may be set and children’s progress expressed and monitored.  This should be done in partnership with the children.  Assessment of children takes different forms including observation and discussion as well as the formal assessment of written work and tests.

At Four Lanes Community Junior School, we endeavour to support all pupils in making better than expected progress, to raise confidence and self-esteem. Assessment is central to this and is incorporated systematically into teaching strategies in order to diagnose any problems and chart progress.  It helps the school to strengthen learning across the curriculum whilst enabling teachers to enhance their skills and judgements.  Our assessment procedures are free from bias, stereotyping and generalisation in respect of gender, class, race and disability.


Aims of Assessment

Using the principles and processes of assessment, we aim to:

  • monitor progress and support learning
  • ensure teacher planning is amended according to assessments made in order that the teaching and learning meet the needs of all children
  • recognise the achievements of pupils
  • ensure all children make rapid and sustained progress, regardless of background or ability
  • guide future planning, teaching and curriculum development
  • inform parents and the wider community of pupil achievement
  • provide information to ensure continuity when the pupil changes school or year group
  • comply with statutory requirements
  • have a consistent approach that measures school progress against national standards.

For further information about how we assess both as a school and nationally, please click on the links below.